My dad Mr Sunny Hay pioneered goats milk in Singapore. For 20+ years he managed a goat farm, welcomed farm visits and delivered pasteurised goats milk to customers' homes.

Today we bring you UHT Goats Milk from delameredairy.co.uk. Convenient, affordable and just as nutritious with the same wholesome taste.

Suitable for those with lactose intolerance, digestive disorders, skin conditions like eczema, respiratory problems, asthma and excess mucous. It is the natural alternative to cows' milk.

Consumers of goats' milk frequently report beneficial health outcomes after switching from cows' milk. These anecdotal benefits include improved gut health, easier digestibility, resolution of skin complaints and reduced mucous production.

Currently the milk is only available at Cold Storage and Market Place.
To find out more, please visit my specialty site www.goatsmilk.com.sg

Kind Regards,
Hay Shiwei

Delamere UHT Whole Goats Milk Singapore

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