Yamadaya Koshihikari Milky Queen Premium Japanese Brown Rice 1kg

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Brown rice has always been the healthier choice but not everyone enjoys the taste due to its normally hard and grainy texture.

What is so special about Yamadaya's Koshihikari Premium Japanese Brown Rice?

- Specially harvested in Shizuoka Japan.
- Koshihikari is a premium Japanese brown rice.
- Provides superior nutrition. Niacin, thiamine, potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin, iron and fiber.
- Remarkably tasty, soft and fluffy compared to other brown rice.
- Easy cooking with no soaking needed.

Cook it just like white rice and you will love the great texture and remarkable taste plus all the natural goodness of 100% whole grains. 
Rice lovers will finally be able to experience our Milky Queen Brown Rice, rated as one of the best brown rice grains.
Milky Queen Brown Rice is an entirely new and rare type of rice, which was born from Koshihikari and sweet rice.

The Milky Queen has a lower amylase content, so the rice becomes stickier, more chewy and delicious. It gets its name from being translucent, thus Milky Queen. What makes this rice so special is that you can still enjoy its softness and fluffiness even after it has cooled down. The fluffy, sticky texture and irresistible aroma combine to make this a uniquely outstanding new variety of rice!
Harvest - New Crop, Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture
Weight - 1kg
Packaging - Vacuum packed
Healthier Choice (100% Whole Grains) certified by Health Promotion Board Singapore.
Direct Imported from Japan

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